IVS helps FabEnCo find the right deal in the right amount of time

IVS Investment Banking recently served as the exclusive adviser to FabEnCo as it completed a recapitalization with Gemini Investors. 

“We were constantly being approached by people who wanted to ‘represent us,’” said FabEnCo President David LaCook. “They wanted to build a book, put out the for sale sign and get a deal done. IVS Investment Banking approached us with exactly the program we were looking for to find the right deal in the right amount of time.

“John Zapalac was great fun to work with. He made the process easy to understand and managed our situation the right way to find us the right fit with, most importantly, the right people.”

If you are interested in selling, investing in or buying companies in the energy, industrial, maritime and/or environmental services sectors, contact Thomas Brinsko at (281) 538-9996, email tbrinsko@bicalliance.com or visit www.bicalliance.com.

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