Buyout garners industrial service provider new rental division

Rotating Solutions’ current executive team — in combination with V Capital Holdings, 2SV Capital and Tuckerman Capital — recently acquired the majority interest in Rotating Solutions LLC and Power Cleaning Equipment LLC from Richard Cates. The new entity will operate under one name: Rotating Solutions Inc. (RSI).

Tuckerman Capital is an equity fund based on the East Coast, with V Capital and 2SV being independent sponsors. Boris Vaisman, Josh Breaux and Opie Prados will make up the new executive team for Rotating Solutions Inc.

RSI’s business has grown over the past 18 months as it has serviced multiple industries across the U.S. This recapitalization of the company will provide the resources needed to continue being an industry leader in environmental equipment. With an aggressive growth plan in place, RSI has begun upgrading the current infrastructure to expand the level of service it provides its customers.

Vaisman, who will come on board and serve as CEO, brings a wealth of knowledge in building and scaling up businesses. With previous roles as business development director and president, Breaux, who will serve as chief commercial officer or CCO, will focus his attention on the commercial side of the business. With previous roles as operations manager and vice president of operations, Prados, who will serve as COO, will focus his attention on the operations of the business.

About Tuckerman Capital

Tuckerman Capital is a private investment firm that works closely with deal partners to acquire profitable manufacturing companies with enterprise value ranging from $10 million-$50 million.

About 2SV Capital

2SV Capital is a private equity firm based in Boston and founded by Drew Sawyer. The mission of the firm is simply “to see value” (hence the acronym 2SV). 2SV executes on this mission through creativity, flexibility and by partnering with managers who have high ambition for their businesses. Typical investments range from $5 million-$50 million, with a focus on the industrial sector.

About V Capital Holdings

V Capital is a private equity firm that focuses on identifying, acquiring and operating businesses. V Capital specializes in building small businesses with proven technologies and commercial strategies into scalable enterprises.

Next steps

After closing the transaction, RSI has created a new rental division called RSI Rental Solutions. RSI Rental Solutions is a division that will focus solely on industrial services rentals for the petrochemical markets. The primary pieces will be: 3-phase centrifuge packages, manway cannons, vacuum systems and diesel pressure washers. The equipment is now available for the market.

For more information or an estimate, visit www.rotatingsolutions. net, call (337) 334-3322 or email

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