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IVS, Gemini complete recapitalization with FabEnCo Inc.

Gemini Investors, a Massachusetts-based private equity firm that provides capital and strategic resources to lower middle market companies, recently completed a recapitalization with FabEnCo Inc., in which both the capital structure of the company and the ownership of the company were changed.

IVS Investment Banking served as the exclusive adviser to FabEnCo during the transaction. IVS Investment Banking offers complete investment banking services to assist in buying, selling or growing companies. IVS Investment Banking has the knowledge and experience necessary to complete a number of investment banking services including management buyouts, and seller and buyer side transactions. 

FabEnCo, known as “The Safety Gate Company,” is the world’s largest manufacturer of adjustable self-closing gates for fall protection as required by OSHA at openings for ladders, platforms and stairs. The company designs, develops, manufactures and successfully markets a wide array of fabricated metal products for various industries in an employee-oriented culture.

BIC Alliance member IBERIABANK participated in the transaction by providing a term loan and a line of credit. Together with Gemini Investors, the two companies facilitated a majority interest purchase of FabEnCo, in conjunction with management.

Gemini Investors, and its partners, now owns a majority interest of FabEnCo. Management owns a minority interest. As part of the recapitalization financing, the company’s capital structure has been set up to facilitate future growth.

“We were constantly being approached by people who wanted to ‘represent us,’” said FabEnCo President David LaCook. “They wanted to build a book, put out the for sale sign and get a deal done. IVS Investment Banking approached us with exactly the program we were looking for to find the right deal in the right amount of time.

“John Zapalac was great fun to work with. He made the process easy to understand and managed our situation the right way to find us the right fit with, most importantly, the right people.”

IVS Investment Banking currently has several other deals underway.

For more information on FabEnCo, visit or call (800) 962-6111.

For more information on how IVS Investment Banking delivers premium value to business owners through management-led buyout, recapitalization or merger and acquisition consulting services, please contact Thomas Brinsko at (281) 538-9996 or visit

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