Responsible Investment Banking

Our Value to You 

Here at IVS Investment Banking, we pride ourselves on being the best option available for your industrial investment needs. We have a proven track record of helping industrial industries complete merger & acquisition transactions responsibly. As an extension of the BIC Alliance, we are able to add a dimension of versatility that sets us apart from the rest. BIC stands for Business Industrial Connection and we have created meaningful Industrial connections for nearly 35 years.

BIC IVS Benefits 

Strategic planning is a focal point of our proven business model. With our experienced banking experts, you will benefit from strategies that are aligned with the highest standards of investment banking. Although investment banking is an intricate process that requires a unique set of skills, we are able to deliver consistent results every time. Areas of specialization we can help you find solutions for include:

  • Sell-Side Representation 
  • Leveraged Recapitalization 
  • Business Valuation 
  • Merger & Acquisition Services 

Connect with us to how we can benefit your industrial business!

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