How Does Our IVS Process Work?

Power in Simplicity 

In our line of work, we recognize that financial concepts can be challenging to understand, so we try to make everything as simple as possible. In doing so our clients feel confident in our expertise and see how we can benefit them. At the start of the process before diving in-depth to financials, we will introduce you to who we are why we are passionate to serve you. Here at IVS investment banking, we are a firm believer in establishing trust first and foremost, which is why all proceedings occur only after confidentiality documents have been agreed upon. 

Onboarding and Negotiation 

After establishing amicable relations the onboarding stage involves more strategic planning that involves management meetings, financial models, and confidential information memorandums. These actions are integral components of our process and require negotiation to determine clients’ ideal outcomes. During the negotiation process, we make it a focal point to listen to client concerns and outline important steps to formalize indications of interest to letters of intent.

Due Diligence & Definitive Documents 

Following the approval of a letter of intent, the due diligence stage comes next where business, legal and financial due diligence is a focal point to client success. Definitive documents also include a variety of agreements that are necessary to expedite our investment processes. Finally, closing conversations will focus on the approval of remaining documents and funding transactions.
To learn more about our IVS Process and how we can help achieve your investment goals connect with us today.

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