Let us Improve Your Cash Flow

Capital Business Funding Fast 

We understand that maintaining a consistent conversion cycle and not knowing how long it takes to turn inventory into cash can be a challenge. While there are many factors that contribute to your company’s cash conversion cycle, it is important to understand which factors will be most beneficial to your financial situation. Our efforts are directed towards making sure you feel confident with our investment banking strategies from start to finish. This means we will sit down with you and explain what factors will help your business experience maximum growth.

Featured below are some key variables that determine the speed of your cash flow:

  • DIO (days inventory outstanding)
  • DPO(days payable outstanding)
  • DSO(days sales outstanding)

We Turn Invoices Into Cash 

When it comes to getting the most out of your invoices we offer a repertoire of options that facilitate short and long term financial success. In our line of work, we understand that having working capital in your company drives business growth, which also relives many financial burdens. 

Here at BIC IVS our team of investment banking specialists have expertise with receivable financing which is often overlooked. Receivable financing, also known as factoring can reduce your DSO (days sales outstanding) and get you paid in a timely manner. When you turn your invoices into cash efficiently, it frees up valuable time to grow your business organically. 
To learn more about how we can improve your cash flow get connected with us today!

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