Total Industrial Services: ‘IVS has foresight to see needs of different companies’

IVS Investment Banking was an adviser to Total Industrial Services during its recent purchase by the JV Driver Group.    

“[IVS President] Thomas Brinsko always has an open mind and also has the foresight to see the needs of two different companies,” said Roman Martinez, president of Total Industrial Services. “To make that introduction is a special quality in and of itself. 

“[IVS Managing Director] John Zapalac has knowledge of the seller’s needs — in this case the seller being myself — and how he can assist in not only helping but also protecting and looking after our best interests. That goes a long way and, together, it’s a great team IVS has there.”

If you are interested in selling, investing in or buying companies in the energy, industrial, maritime and/or environmental services sectors, please contact Thomas Brinsko at IVS Investment Banking at (281) 538-9996 or

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